Tuesday, December 19, 2006

my anecdote of the day...

so.. I have the sniffles. No doubt due to the fact that I spent the whole weekend without heat of any kind because of a recent power outtage.

Anyway... I had heard of the amazing effects of AirBorne (made by an elementary school teacher, you know...) So... I decides I should take some of it. Just so happens we even have it free at work. Being the confident man that I am... I forgo the reading of the directions... assuming it's like any other flintstone vitamin... I open the container to be surprised at the size of these little cold fighting miracles... Dismissing my concern, I quickly pop one of these discs in to my mouth and head back to my desk... and this is when my mouth begins to explode with a foaming furry equalled only if I had mixed pop rocks with coke. I can feel the foam swelling in my mouth as I quickly try to make it back to my desk... damn... I took the long way. The fizzing bubbles are now acompanied by an acute burning, no doubt due to the concentrated citrus flavor, which... by the way... made for a delightful scent of fresh orange peels on a warm summer day. By the time I made it back to the comfort and solitude of my desk, I had orange foam running down my cheeks, and dribbling on my nice new Gap sweater. To make things worse... the only beverage within reach was a half empty, warm Red Bull... I take a swig, and it erupts the AirBorne in to a new frenzy of bubbly devastation. By this time, my mouth has reached its capacity for rapidly expanding vitamin supplements... so I hork the citrus flavored foamy goo into my trashcan and quickly dismiss it to my coworkers as "better than diarhea!!!". An embarrassing moment easily averted by simply reading 6 words, "Add to eight ounces of water."

On a bright note, my sniffles are gone.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm Officially A Blogger!!!

Well, I've decided to be the coolest and start doing random blogs for no one to read. My therapist says it will be good for me. I don't really even have anything to blog on at the moment... I suck at this.

stay tuned for more exciting blogs!!!